Protective Galaxy Ace in White Colour

Commander Elegance Deluxe M Case

This beautifully crafted case is compatible with your Galaxy Ace and offers perfect and snug fit. It is made from soft materials both on the inside and outside and feels very smooth to the touch. It will protect your Galaxy Ace from damage such as nicks, scratches, scrapes, as well as fingerprints and minor impacts or bumps. It features a straightforward design, and yet stands out from the crowd, thanks to the authentic and original production concept. Opt for the best Galaxy Ace Accessories!

Galaxy Ace Case

Case for Galaxy Ace – Commander Elegance DeLuxe

Katinkas Air Cover for Galaxy Ace

Another solution in terms of protection for your precious mobile phone is a Galaxy Ace cover. This Katinkas cover has a very handy design, and it is engrossing due to its tiny openings on the surface. It is custom crafted for Galaxy Ace and has all the needed cut-outs that allow you to access all the functions of your phone freely and fully.

Galaxy Ace Cover

Cover for Galaxy Ace – Katinkas Air

When it comes to protective cell phone accessories, this was our top recommendation for your Galaxy Ace. In case you are seeking something different, do not hesitate to visit MyTrendyPhone home page and find other select accessories for your smartphone. If you are planning to upgrade your Galaxy smartphone, check out our latest offer of Galaxy S3 accessories.