Power Bank: Recharge Your Smartphone Anytime, Anywhere

We’ve all been there – you go on a longer trip or leave your house without your charger, and your phone’s battery decides to die out right when you need it the most. It’s frustrating, we know. So, today we decided to show you some power banks that can save you and your phone in these unfortunate situations. :)

2-in-1: Desk Lamp and Power Bank

Power Bank and a desk lamp in one

Desk Lamp Power Bank

Let’s just say that this power bank is extremely practical. You get to charge your device when you need to and you always have a light source at hand. This power bank is foldable and therefore convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

Use Sunlight to Your Advantage

Solar Power Bank

Use sunlight to charge your smartphone!

Summer’s almost here, and if you enjoy spending time outdoors, then this Solar Power Bank is for you. It charges your smartphone via four solar panels and looks like a mini handbag, which makes it highly portable. With this power bank, you can stop worrying about your cell phone running out of power when you go hiking, camping etc. Eco-friendly and useful!

Charge Your Phone and Listen to Your Favorite Songs

External Power Bank plus Speaker

You can enjoy your music and charge your phone at the same time.

Everything’s better when you’ve got your favorite tunes with you. This power bank recharges your smartphone and lets you play music at the same time. Pretty cool, right? You can also use it as a phone holder.

Which of these do you like the best? :)