Play the Piano on Your iPhone!

If you are a fan of music and games, then you probably know what Guitar Hero is, as well as its computer, less fancy version – Frets on Fire. :D Well, the Ozaki O!Arcade Bluetooth Piano Game sort of works the same, and it’s definitely a fun way to pass your time. :)

Ozaki O!Arcade Piano Game

The Ozaki Piano Game includes 40 of some of the most popular classical compositions of all time, and you can also play any song from your iTunes library and challenge your favorite bands and musicians. The Ozaki Piano comes with a true touch keyboard, which allows you to play songs to their beat, and get a number of points and game coins. All you have to do is lay the piano on the piano rack and start playing!

The device is compatible with the iPhone 4S and newer models, the iPod Touch 5G, the iPad Mini, Mini 2 (Retina), and the Mini 3. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone, iPod, or tablet, and requires 2 AAA batteries to work. :)