PadPivot: Universal Stand for Tablets and E-Readers

Tablets are very practical devices to use. Comparing to laptops, they are compact and easy to carry, but when it comes to typing or watching the media, tablets can be very uncomfortable to use without a versatile stand. Today, MyTrendyPhone would like to present you NST PadPivot – a small tablet stand that you can take anywhere and use in any position that is the most comfortable for you.

Universal Stand for Tablets NST PadPivot

NST PadPivot Tablet Snand

NST PadPivot is one well equipped stand that can be used with almost all tablets and e-readers, meaning it is compatible with any iPad, Android tablet and all Windows tablets, as well as with Kindle models. Thanks to SureGrip and NanoSuction technology this convenient stand for tablets and e-readers is designed for multiple use. You can use it as a desktop stand while working, but also on your thigh, while relaxing on your couch. You can fix the device with special stickers that are included in the package, and the best thing is that you don’t have to take off the protective cover from your tablet. If you’re having difficulties with sticking the cover, do not worry since there is a notch that holds the device upright. Note that tablets with glossy surfaces adhere better than those with matte surfaces, in which case you should use the stickers above mentioned. So no matter what, your tablet will remain in one place thanks to this amazing stand.

Universal stand multiple use

Comfortable use of NST PadPivot universal stand

You can take the NST PadPivot stand wherever you go, since it’s extremely light and foldable. It provides great stability and 360-degree rotation for multiple viewing positions. This compact gadget is priced at 30.80 euros and for further information visit MyTrendyPhone official website.