Original Apple Lightning Accessories

We have good news for anyone who owns an iPhone 5, iPad with Retina display, new iPod models or iPad Mini – MyTrendyPhone has a number of original Lightning cables and adapters for all Apple devices. Here are some products that can be used with Apple’s devices that have the new, practical and innovative Lightning connector.

Original Apple Lightning to USB cable

This cable is exactly like the one that came in the box with your Apple product. It allows you to charge your iDevice when connected to a power source, for example, a USB AC adapter, USB car charger or a PC. If your Apple device is connected to a PC, you can sync it using iTunes software.

Apple's Lightning to USB cable

Apple’s Lightning to USB cable

You can leave this cable car attached to an iPhone 5 charger, which will save you time that you use to plug cables. A Lightning to USB cable is a perfect replacement if the original Lightning cable has been damaged.

Original Apple Lightning to 30-pin adapter


Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapter

Here’s a Lightning adapter that transforms the new lightning connector to the old 30-pin Apple connector. This means you can use your new iPhone 5 or iPad with old speakers, docking stations, Inga and much more.

Original Apple Lightning to micro USB adapter

In order to meet EU standards, Apple has created a Lightning to the micro USB adapter. This adapter allows you to charge and sync your new iPad or iPhone with a micro USB cable.


Ligtning to micro USB adapter

 If you already have a micro USB device, you can use this adapter to charge your Lightning-compatible devices with micro USB accessories. This is a great solution for travel, because you can borrow other chargers with micro USB connector, if you do not have your charger near you.