No More iPod Classic

Last week, Apple unveiled a new range of devices, which include the iPhone 6 handsets and the Apple Watch, but we’ve also found out that the company’s decided to kill off the iPod Classic. The device has been removed from Apple’s website, and you can no longer buy it, but the company seems to have neglected to mention this piece of info.

iPod Classic Killed Off

Apple launched its first iPod back in 2001, and it quickly became one of the most popular music devices on the market. The last iPod Classic was released in 2007, with 120GB of storage, and although popular at first, iPod Classic (and other iPod models) sales have been falling, because many users have been buying iPhones instead.

Apple still has the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle, and the iPod Touch in its offer, but with them killing off the iPod Classic, we can’t help but wonder – for how long are they going to stay there?