New iPod touch and iPod nano models!

Fifth Generation iPod Touch (iPod Touch 5G) features a 4-inch display and the new Lightning dock connector. The new iPod runs A5 processor for swifter and smoother graphics. Other extras incorporate Bluetooth 4.0, iSight camera (5MP, autofocus and LED flash), and of course new Siri. iPod touch 5G is crafted from aluminium and is both lighter and thinner than its older siblings (only 6.1mm and 88g). On the rear side of the iPod, there is a new add-on, the Loop. Thanks to the Loop circle, when owners push this circle a physical loop pops out of the device, letting you to clip a bracelet to cover the iPod Touch around your wrist. iPod Touch comes in five different colours (grey, black, blue, yellow, and red) and there are 32GB or 64 GB versions.

iPod nano 7G

iPod Touch 5G

Seventh Generation iPod Nano (iPod Nano 7G) comes entirely redesigned. It features a 2.5-inch touch screen, multi-touch interface, the new Lightning Dock jack and Bluetooth 4.0. Among other novelties, there’s an integrated FM radio, pedometer, and a home key. iPod nano 7G comes in seven different colors (dark red, pnik, yellow, blue, black, aluminium, green, and purple). The memory capacity is 16GB. The device is also very thin, at 5.4mm only.

Earpod Headphones

iPod Nano 7G

Both the iPod touch and iPod nano ship with so called Earpod headphones, which are in a way egg-shaped. 

Earpod Headphones

Earpod Headphones


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