Naztech Paris Combo Case for iPad 3 & iPhone 4S

Even though there are many accessories for Apple gadgets, there is few of those made for both iPad and iPhone. Luckily, Naztech is one of those manufacturers that made sure you have completely the same case for iPad 3 and case for iPhone 4S. This means they feature the same design, features, functionality, everything is the same except the size of course. Cases are very elegant and stylish, and will let you stand out from the crowd. Now you can have a collection of the same accessories for all your iDevices, with the Combo Case for iPad 3 & iPhone 4S case!

Case for iPad 3

Naztech Paris Combo iPad 3 & iPhone 4S Case

The company’s captivating design integrates elegance and high-level of manufacture. Thanks to the high-quality materials cases are made from, your devices will be protected from damage and harm. Both the iPhone 4S case and iPad 3 case provide perfect and snug fit. While there are also custom cut openings on the iPhone 4S case for a full access to all the features and functions of your device. the iPad 3 case does not feature such solution.

Case for iPhone 4S

Naztech Paris Combo Case – Available Colors

THe Naztech Paris Combo Case for iPad 3 / 2 & iPhone 4S / 4 comes in four vibrant color combinations: black, blue, pink, and beige.