MTP Starter Kit for iPhone 4

For all owners of Apple’s iPhone 4 smartphone, here is an iPhone 4 Accessories kit you might find useful in many occasions.

The MTP Starter Kit for iPhone 4 consists of necessary iPhone 4 accessories that will help you freely and fully utilize your cell phone. There are two silicone cases for iPhone 4 (Black and Transparent) in the package that will safeguard the surface of your device, and protect it from damage and fingerprints. The one you will choose, depends on your individual style of likeness. If you feel like changing the style of your iPhone, just take the other case and replace it.

When there is no more iPhone 4 battery juice left, connect it to the super fast in-car iPhone 4 charger from the package. Thanks to its portability, you will easily tote it where ever you go. The iPhone 4 charger provides safe charging and shields your mobile phone from overheating and overcharging.

iPhone 4 Accessories

MTP Starter Kit for iPhone 4

The only thing left opened with the iPhone 4 cover from the kit is the touch screen. If you would like your screen to be protected as well, try out the iPhone 4 Screen Protector also included in the package. This way you wrap the whole surface of your mobile device and get excellent protection that will keep your phone look amazing.

For leisure time, relish your best-loved music using in-ear stereo iPhone 4 headphones, or use them as a hands-free accessory.

The iPhone 4 MTP Starter Kit includes: 2 x iPhone 4 Silicone Case, 1 x iPhone 4 Screen Protector, 1 x iPhone 4 In Car Charger, 1 x iPhone 4 In Ear Stereo Headphones.