MagnetFlipper Leather iPhone 4S Case – Sena

Ideal option for business professionals who seek high-class protection combined with style for their cell phone device.

Inventive and elegant, the MagnetFlipper Leather iPhone 4 /4S case is one of the best protective pieces of accessories from Sena. With solemnity, the shielding padded flap is designed with a hinged bottom and magnetic closure system at the top, letting the iPhone 4S case be flipped out of the way with a flip of your finger and also allowing you to swiftly take and make calls.

Case for iPhone 4S /4

MagnetFlipper Leather iPhone 4S Case from Sena


The MagnetFlipper Leather iPhone 4S case is made from vintage leather or croco leather and comes in multiple colours: brown, orange, blue, black, pink, green, tan and croco tan.

Case for iPhone 4 /4S

MagnetFlipper Leather Case for iPhone 4S from Sena


The case’s tough shielding coverage delivers extra backbone support for longevity. The detachable metal clip system lets you keep the MagnetFlipper iPhone 4S case on the belt and hold it in any orientation you like.

Leather Case for iPhone 4S/4

MagnetFlipper Leather Case for iPhone 4S from Sena


Custom made from the finest Italian Napa leather with famous quality and precision from Sena. The MagnetFlipper iPhone 4 case uniquely amalgamates style with functionality. 

The case is compatible with both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.