MagBak on Kickstarter- Thinnest iPad Holder

MagBak is a new project on Kickstarter, and it will certainly make all the iPad owners delighted since it’s described as the ‘world’s thinnest mount for iPad’. 

magbak attaches to every surface

MagBak Holder For iPad

MagBak holder is so thin, that you can’t even tell it is a holder and therefore it doesn’t add any bulk or thickness to the tablet. Basically, the MagBak represents two silicone-coated magnets that attach on the back of the tablet,  allowing the iPad to be attached to almost anything made of metal. For non-metal surfaces the O-ring is provided. It grips firmly and doesn’t allow the device to fall off.

0.5 mm thickness - magbak

MagBak iPad Holder is only 0.5 mm thick

Being only 0.5 mm “thick”, the MagBak raises iPad just enough to keep the back protected for the direct contact with the surface it’s attached to. The silicone texture feels nice to the touch and the grip is enhanced thanks to the specially designed fingers outline. It is also perfect to use combined with Apple Smart Cover, since the magnets will hold the back cover firmly, preventing it from flapping around while open.

colors of magbak match the colors of smart cover

MagBak will be available in six different colors

It will be available in six colors to match the Smart Cover from Apple. The MagBak project is still in a form of a concept that only you can make become reality by donating money for its production. Until then, see our selection of iPad 4 holders.