Lustrous Katinkas iPhone 5 Covers / Cases

While you are waiting for your new smartphone to arrive, why wouldn’t you think about how to protect it. If you do think about it, then it must be a protective iPhone 5 case or cover. For all glittery things fans, here are several shiny and gleaming iPhone 5 accessories you’ll be satisfied with.

Katinkas iPhone 5 Cover

Katinkas Ecstasy Cover for iPhone 5 – Black

This appealing Katinkas case for iPhone 5 is made to amaze. Titled Ecstasy, the iPhone 5 cover keeps the tradition of rhinestones Katinkas covers and cases. The Ecstasy case for iPhone 5 comes in two vibrant colors: magenta and black. The covers are very snazzy and modern. They are straightforward, however, they deliver optimal protection from harsh. They clip on the back of the smartphone, while still allowing free and unobstructed access to the touch screen and other functions.

Ecstasy Katinkas iPhone 5 Cover

Ecstasy Case for iPhone 5 by Katinkas – Magenta

The design of the covers for iPhone 5 is very practical and contains custom cut openings for full access to the connector, ports, camera, and mic. The eye-catching design will easily help you stand out from the crowd, and feel unique and special.