LG G Pad: Video Teaser and Specifications Leaked

LG has decided to come out and let the world know that G Pad exists.

For some time, there have been rumors about LG’s grand comeback to the world of tablets and that they plan to launch their new tablet device by the end of the year. LG has decided to eliminate all doubts and publish a video announcing the LG G Pad.

Leaked image of LG G Pad tablet

LG G Pad- leaked photo

Unfortunately, we can’t see the tablet in the video, but from what we heard, we can guess some specifications details, as an addition to those that have leaked recently. The G Pad tablet will be rather thin and light, of medium size , so as to be suitable for watching a movie and at the same time suitable to be carried around. The only thing confirmed by this video is the display of 8.3 inches with a resolution in full HD. Regarding the display, some sources say it will feature GF2 touch screen technology, where the touch panel is made ​​of plastic, rather than glass. This will allow the display to be lighter, thinner, less expensive and also more resistant to impact.

The LG G Pad is almost certain to come, since the LG manufacturer will announce it in September at the IFA in Berlin. While waiting for further details, check out the teaser video below: