Lavish Connect Bluetooth Folio iPad 2 /iPad 3 Case by Cygnett

Cygnett Lavish Connect Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Case and Stand for iPad 2 and iPad 3!

The latest Cygnett Lavish Connect iPad 2 /iPad 3 Case is a versatile piece of accessory that integrates several features. First of all, it safeguards your tablet computer. Then, it contains a practical and sometimes necessary 84-key QWERTY Bluetooth Keyboard. Lastly, this iPad 2 /iPad 3 case doubles as a stand, too. The keyboard is features magnetic system technology, aiding you to enhance your efficiency and precision simultaneously, and letting you make the most from your precious iPad device.

Case for iPad 3 /iPad 2

Cygnett Lavish Connect Bluetooth Keyboard Folio iPad 2 / 3 Case

The iPad 3 / iPad 2 Case by Cygnett is made for all who travel often and need their tablet PC always available. Thanks to this practical and multi-functional stand, you can at any moment enjoy your favourite videos or presentations. Intelligently made to let you choose a viewing angle, there are three viewing modes. The Lavish Connect case for iPad 2 / iPad 3 delivers is very comfortable, durable and appealing. It will protect your iPad tablet from all kinds of damage and additionaly add a new look to your device.