Kensington PowerLift iPhone 4 / 4S Dock

Accessories for mobile devices are not just interesting and practical, but very often a necessary part of our daily life. One of such accessories is this multi-functional backup battery for your cell phone. This item is also a stand and dock for your iPhone 4 / 4S. What’s more, it is also compatible with iPod Touch players. Let’s see whether this Kensington – PowerLift dock and a backup battery deserves to be added to your collection of iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S accessories!

iPhone 4S Accessories

Kensington PowerLift for iPhone / Pod touch

The PowerLift works with iPhone 4 and 4S, however, it is also compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS; and of course iPod touch players. The iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S battery pack offers a 1200 mAh battery for swift charging of your Apple device. In addition, you can still fully use phone while charging, and watch movies or chat with your family. And there is the stand function to keep the cell phone in an upright position for easier usage.

iPhone 4S Charger

Charger and stand for iPhone and iPod touch – PowerLift by Kensington

The built-in dock connector for iPhone, and a USB cable are very handy when transmitting and storing the data. There is also a LED indicator that informs you about the battery status. The Kensington PowerLift synchronizes your phone or player when connected to your Mac or personal computer. This little iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S dock charger provides two charging positions and adds many hours of fun on your phone: up to 3.5 hours of talk time, over 1.5 hours of FaceTime, 20 hours of music, and 5 hours of video playback.