Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Stone has become famous as the most stylish Bluetooth headset on the market. It features a unique and distinctive design and stays pretty close to the ear. It looks more like a modern piece of jewelry than a Bluetooth headset. The successor to Jabra Stone, the Jabra Stone 2 is featured by similar, yet updated design.

Jabra Stone 2

Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth Headset

* Headphone Type: Closed, mono
* Microphone: Noise Reduction
* Connectivity: Bluetooth with A2DP
* Battery: 10 hours

Jabra Stone 2 has voice control function so that users can answer or reject calls by voice. Voice control feature helps users by informing them of an incoming call, the status of the battery and more. The noise reduction function uses the dual microphone technology for sound of best quality. The headset has the usual features such as last number dialing, answer, reject and end calls, multipoint, and voice command.

For users of smart phones, Jabra has collaborated with some third-party developers to offer users voice applications such as Voice Assist, Dial2Go and Vingo. The headset has a code to allow downloading of a maximum of three free programs. Voice Applications can also be used on the Jabra website.