The iPod Might Be Getting Brand New Colors

Lately, iPods haven’t really been what you’d call the burning topic of the day. It’s not that they’ve fallen off the face of the earth—oh no, they’re still very much around—but they definitely did get sidelined for a while there. Well, apparently, Apple hasn’t given up on one of its once mega popular devices just yet—a leaked iTunes photo shows that there are plans to introduce new iPod colors, including the ever-so-appealing gold.

The Three iPods That Could (And Did)

iPod's New Colors


While various iPod models have been discontinued in the past, the ones that have managed to prevail are the thin, light and multi-functional iPod touch, the even thinner iPod nano and the sleek, but roomy iPod shuffle. And now it seems like all three of them are in for a slight makeover. Namely, if we’re to believe the leaked image, the iPod touch should come in dark blue, the iPod nano is seen wearing a brand new golden coat and the iPod Shuffle has reportedly acquired hot pink digs.

The iPod is Dead, Long Live the iPod

iPod Touch 5 different colors

The nostalgic among you might feel a pang of sorrow remembering Apple has entirely been neglecting the iPod since 2012—that’s whole three years!—but this recent development clearly demonstrates a moderate refresh is in order. The new devices will reportedly come with upgraded internal features as well, but the screen sizes won’t be touched.

The reason iPods have faded into the background probably has something (a lot?) to do with the fact iPod sales have steadily been dropping since 2009. Still, with the latest launch of Apple Music, it seems like revamping the iPods is a good way to interconnect several music platforms and catch the attention of the lower-end market once more.

If newly adorned iPods are indeed what’s coming, we’ll probably get to meet them at Apple’s big event this September. Alternatively, as the date on the iPod touch Calendar icon shows Tuesday, the 14th, it might mean we’ll see the new guys even sooner—July 14 is less than two weeks away, so we don’t have to wait that long to find out.