iPhone 5S is the Most Popular Smartphone in the World

A recent report by ABI research claims that Apple’s iPhone 5S is the most popular smartphone in the world, or at least it was up until the end of Q1 2014. The report doesn’t include the new Samsung Galaxy S5, so things might’ve changed a bit since then.

Apple's iPhone 5S

The most popular smartphone in the world: iPhone 5S

So, Apple took the first place on the list with its iPhone 5S, followed by the European version of the Galaxy S4, and finally the Galaxy S3 in the third place. The Galaxy S4 LTE came in fourth, while the iPhone 5S with 8GB of storage snatched the fifth place.

Sony, LG and Xiaomi devices also found themselves on the top 20 list. Huawei was listed before, but managed to disappear from the list in the meantime.

Given that the report rounds up Q1 2014, we’d like to see a more recent one, with the previously mentioned Galaxy S5 included and other newer models, such as the Xperia Z2, LG G3 etc.