iPad 2 /iPad 3 Cover – Ion-factory Carbonado – Black & White

Designers from Ion-factory have surprised us pleasantly many times with their innovative cases and covers for iPad 3 /iPad 2, as well as for iPhone 4 /4S. Their protective iPad 3 accessories are becoming more an more popular by the day. This is because the manufacturer designs and makes really beautiful and more importantly high-quality items for your favourite gadgets. Here is the latest iPad 3 cover from Ion-factory, that is also fully compatible with iPad 2.

Cover for iPad 3

Ion-factory Carbonado iPad 2 / iPad 3 Cover

Ion-factory Carbonado iPad 2 /iPad 3 Cover delivers complete protection for your new tablet computer. The cover is made from two different materials – high-grade TPU polymer back cover, integrated with high-quality leather front cover. This New iPad cover is great to use instead of the standard Smart Cover made by Apple. The Carbonado also employs magnetic closure system. This means that when you close the cover, you iPad will automatically go off, and when you open it, the tablet will go on. The cover also doubles as a stand, allowing you to choose an angle that suit you best while watching video, reading e-books, or browsing the Web.

Cover for New iPad / iPad 2

Ion-factory Carbonado iPad 2, iPad 3 Stand

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