How To Take Beautiful Photos With iPhone 5C

Thanks to an 8-mega-pixel iSight integrated camera, iPhone 5C allows you to make photos of an excellent quality. 

Now it is simpler than ever to create professional photography while having fun. With the progressive lens of five elements, you can take incredibly sharp and vivid photos. This time iPhone 5C camera comes with some advanced features. In addition to the standard format, now you can select a square format, ideal for Instagram or another social network. The captured image can then be edited in eight different filters – Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade, Chrome, Process, Transfer, or Instant. In the lower right corner, you can tap the small circles and select the desired filter before capturing the photo.

iPhone 5C allows you to take professional photos

Make Beautiful Photos With iPhone 5C

With Apple iPhone 5C you also have the option of beautiful Panorama photos. With this feature, you can also change the direction – from right to left or vice versa. Simply touch the arrow and select the desired recording direction. For panoramas, you need to move the iPhone in the direction you selected and while doing so you get the information whether the motion is too slow or too fast. iPhone 5C truly brings you the smart way of taking photos with your mobile phone.