Google’s New App for Android Lets You Write Words by Hand

If typing’s gotten a bit boring to you, then you’re going to love Google’s new Android app – Google Handwriting Input – that lets you jot down handwritten messages and notes on your smartphone.

Google's Handwriting app

The app supports print and cursive writing in 82 languages and 20 different scripts, and supports emojis, which means that you can draw your own smiley faces. If you’re not fond of drawing, you can simply choose an emoji from cloud-based or local handwriting recognition.

This is not Google’s first rodeo when it comes to handwriting recognition – the Google Translate app, mobile search, and the Google Input Tool all feature the handwriting rec as well.

Although Google Handwriting Input might not seem all that practical (if you can’t type on your smartphone, writing is going to be even harder), keyboards for ideographic languages (e.g. Chinese), will surely benefit from it.

So, Google Handwriting Input might not be useful to everyone, but it sure is fun. If you want to install it, head over to the Google Play Store – you’ll need a device running Android 4.0.3 or higher.