Get Ready for Halloween!

Are you ready for the spookiest night of the year? :D

Halloween Accessories

Halloween is upon us, and whether you have a party in plan for October 31, or are just going trick or treating with your kid, you’ve probably picked out a costume already. Well, if you have a costume, and you’ve put up creepy decorations around your house, why not make your computer or cell phone spooky, too? :D

#1 A Vampy USB

Vampire USB 2.0

This little guy is not just really likeable, but also useful: you can store a number of secret files under his hat. ;)

#2 Glowing Ghost Mouse

Glowing Ghost Mouse

Has your old computer mouse become boring? If yes, then you can replace it with this glowing ghost mouse by Pat Says Now. This ghost is completely harmless and will accompany you on your adventures online – whether it’s Halloween or a regular day.

#3 Freaky Monster Covers

iPhone 5/5S Covers

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Then maybe these Monsters covers are not for you. :) If you’re not afraid and wish to buy a creative and interesting protective accessory for your iPhone, then these are definitely a good choice. Simply type “SwitchEasy Monsters” into the searchbox on our website, and scroll down until you find the cover that you prefer.

Happy Halloween!