Flip iPhone 4S Case – Speck CandyShell

An iPhone 4S case that protects your cell phone from undesirable scrapes and other damage, letting you dock and charge your iPhone without removing the case!

Speck is a well-known manufacturer of protective cases for cell phones. The CandyShell Flip Case for iPhone 4S is harder, tougher and more durable than any other similar cell phone case out there. The iPhone 4S case features the same unconventional dual-layer construction as the award-winning regular CandyShell, however, the dissimilarity is that the flip-back panel is added to this Flip model, making the docking and charging of your smartphone absolutely effortless!

Case for iPhone 4S

Speck Candy Shell Flip iPhone 4S Case

The CandyShell Flip case from Speck is a long-lasting case with a sturdy flip-back panel. The iPhone 4S case shields your phone from various scrapes and scruffs, and makes your iPhone 4S go simply in and out of your pocket or bag. The iPhone 4S accessories from Speck integrate performance and functionality. Smooth on the inside and hard enough on the outside, this iPhone 4S case delivers ultimate protection for your cell phone.

Nevertheless, the smartphone case shields only the back side and corners of your iPhone 4S. You can additionally protect your phone with an iPhone 4S screen protector.

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