Exogear Exoclear Edge Case for iPhone 4 / 4S

In contrast to full coverage cases which conceal your cell phone away, the Exogear ExoClear Edge covers only around the sides of your phone, retaining the iconic style on show. Additionally, this minimizes volume, but not at the price of protection. The edges of the case are raised 0.3mm in order to protect the front and the back of your cell phone when put on a flat surface, while the smash-resistant polycarbonate construction guarantees the case absorb the force of an impact so that your phone does not have to.

The special metal clip build makes it simple to attach and detach the case. The Exogear ExoClear Edge is made not as a single sustained piece of polycarbonate, but with a sturdy and elegant metal clip which makes it simple to affix the case to your iPhone 4/4S. Detaching the case is very easy, so you will have no trouble using it at all.

Original speaker grille construction improves the clarity of the sound. At the stand of the Exogear ExoClear Edge are two intelligently made speaker grilles which are specifically designed to improve both the sound of the speakers and voice sound. This makes audio sound a lot better and calls purer, making this case one you will never desire to remove.

The Exoclear is custom made case and perfectly fits with iPhone 4 and 4S. It is available in complementary volume keys so you can simply modify the music and calls volume. It contains a cut out for the charger, and an oversized headset port, too, so you can make use of any headset you need while using the case.


Exoclear Edge Case

Exogear Exoclear Edge Case - iPhone 4 / 4s




  • The ExoClear technology stops signal interference with your iPhone 4 / 4S

  • The edges on the case are raised 0,3 mm to protect the front and back on the iPhone 4 / 4S

  • Improved sound porting

  • Original metal clip construction makes it simple to install and uninstall the ExoClear Edge

  • ExoClear technology improves signal strength

  • Matching volume buttons makes it simple to modify the volume

  • Oversized port accommodates high-end headphones

  • Matching power button makes it easy to turn the phone on and off