Cygnett Groove Platinum Headset

With Groove Platinum Headset by Cygnett you can listen to your favourite tunes in high-quality audio sound. The well-packed earphones have a cosy, light construction and feature excellent performance. Most importantly, they provide dynamic sound with high-grade bass. An integrated microphone is very handy for taking and making calls hands-free, and delivers crystal clear sound.

The Cygnett Groove Platinum Headset is a good sound accessory for your iPhone / iPad / iPod device. Not only does it make your calls easier, but it also adds up the look of your precious device.


Cygnett Headset - Black

The Platinum Groove Earphones are elegant, well-packed and cosy, and affordable. This headset is low-priced and yet outperforms much more expensive headsets available on the market, thanks to its noise cancellation technology & dynamic bass.

Main Features:

  • Dynamic sound quality

  • Excellent bass response

  • Noise cancellation technology

  • In-ear design

  • Enjoy crystal clear conversation and music on your multimedia device