Corning Developes Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Reflective Gorilla Glass

Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, presents an anti-reflective and anti-bacterial glass for tablets and smartphones.

Gorilla Glass represents a really tough material used on smartphone and tablet screens. Although the company successfully provides many smart devices with display damage resistance for years, Corning never stopped looking for innovative solutions that will make the use of your smartphone and tablet devices easier.

New generation of Gorilla Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass 3

We all know that one of the major display disadvantages is certainly their sensitivity to light reflection, and the difficulty to read from the screen appears when we are in places that are too much open to light.  But not anymore. The next generation of Gorilla Glass has developed an anti-reflective glass that increases the readability outdoors. The picture below shows the sheet of normal glass with something that looks like a hole in the center. Actually, there is no hole, it is the area of the glass treated with Corning anti-reflection technology. You’ll notice the difference when you compare the reflection of the sky and clouds on its surface. The new anti-reflective Corning Gorilla Glass 3 will make the reading much easier in the sunlight.

Anti-Reflective Features of Gorilla Glass 3

New Generation of Gorilla Glass has Anti-Reflective Features (“hole”)

Another innovative feature of Gorilla Glass 3, apart from the enhanced scratch resistance,  is also a anti-bacterial coating. The screen is resistant to chemicals and viruses, and thanks to this advanced feature, its use in the health care environments will be inevitable. Corning is also working on a new type of glass called Willow Glass. This glass is as strong as Gorilla Glass, but also thinner. So far, we have no info when the first mobile phones with this glass will appear on the market.