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Sharp to Produce Displays for Even Thinner Smartphones

Have you ever thought your smartphone could be thinner? Maybe you have or maybe you’re more than satisfied with its thickness and believe your device is just slender enough, but the fact remains: technology won’t rest until smartphone displays have become as slim as possible. And Sharp, a well-known Japanese multinational corporation, seems to be at […]

Apple Music vs. Spotify: Who Will Win?

Surely you’ve heard Apple Music has been in the spotlight recently and, even though it’s definitely not the first music streaming platform around (nor the last), the reason for all the commotion and excitement is probably the fact it’s gonna offer millions of songs, non-stop radio stations and its very own Android app. But wait, […]

The New iPhone Might Up the Selfie Game

Not too long ago, a major iPhone 6s and 6s Plus leak sneaked its way online, revealing some of the main features the upcoming phones will sport once they launch later this year. These included Force Touch, a new color option, and more, but there was no mention of the front-facing camera. Until yesterday, that is. 1080p Resolution […]

Wireless Charging Using Wi-Fi Is the Future

Wireless charging is already taking the world by storm, threatening to render cables obsolete, but what if the next step is even more radical? What if soon you’ll be able to charge your smartphones over Wi-Fi? Goodbye that thing we used to call cables, farewell charging stations, hello open air and sci-fi come to life? Certainly […]