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The iPod Might Be Getting Brand New Colors

Lately, iPods haven’t really been what you’d call the burning topic of the day. It’s not that they’ve fallen off the face of the earth—oh no, they’re still very much around—but they definitely did get sidelined for a while there. Well, apparently, Apple hasn’t given up on one of its once mega popular devices just […]

Facebook Can Identify You Without Seeing Your Face

Are you an easy target? Tag-wise, that is. If your Facebook photos tend to feature you dressed in more-or-less the same way, then, we’re sorry to inform you, but… you are. Then again, so is Mark Zuckerberg (can you picture him in anything else other than a gray T-shirt and/or a hoodie? Not really, no). […]

5 Smartphone Misconceptions That Are Just Plain Wrong

How long have smartphones been around? About a decade? That’s a long period of time (yes, it is, 10 years!) and yet people still don’t seem to know everything there is to know about them. And what does the human race do when it’s not informed well enough about certain things? We come up with our own […]

Google Play Music Provides Free, Ad-Supported Music Streaming

These past few days (okay, weeks and weeks now, but this week, in particular) everywhere you turned—especially if you’ve been wired in—all everyone seemed to talk about was Apple Music (and the Taylor Swift revolution). The arrival of the Apple streaming platform has been announced like the Second Coming itself but then—poof!—in flies Google Play […]