Cases for HTC One X

The popularity of the HTC One X has skyrocketed since its release. The same applies to HTC One X accessories, and here are some recommendations for your:

HTC One X Case - Leather

Leather Case for HTC One X

This leather HTC One X case coloured in black delivers great protection for both the rear and fore side of your cell phone, including the touch screen. It is a flip-style case with crocodile print. The case is crafted from high-quality leather and delivers a great amount of protection. The case for HTC One X is very appealing, looks stylish and is perfect for many occasions.

HTC One X Case - Leopard

Leopard Pattern HTC One X Case

Safeguard your mobile device with an elegant HTC One X case with leopard motives. The manufacturer has also ensured that the leopard print is not too flamboyant, but rather fancy. Perhaps the most beautiful version is the mat, integrating natural hues, thanks to which the HTC One X case looks amazing!

HTC One X Cover - Diamante

Diamante HTC One X Cover

HTC One X is the one of the latest smartphones made by HTC. It is compact and perfect for everyday use (e-mails, phone calls, social networks, Internet, etc.). You can significantly enhance, and add up the look of your smartphone with the right HTC One X accessories. This Diamante HTC One X cover is simple to install. It safeguards the device from scrapes, impacts and other minor damage.