Case-Mate Slim Profile / Barely There iPhone 4 Case – Chrome

Among the many high quality cell phone accessories from Case-Mate, the Barely There line of cell phone cases is probably the most popular – simply because Case-Mate’s Barely There cell phone cases provide a unique blend of optimal mobile protection and add little to no bulk to your device.

case-mate barely there iphone 4 case

Case-Mate Slim Profile / Barely There for Apple iPhone 4 features a cool mirrored screen protector. This screen protector is easy to install, but a special care has to be taken to avoid any dust getting trapped beneath the protector nevertheless. This mirrored screen protector will make your iPhone 4 look really cool, as you will have a glass-like mirror protecting your screen.

Once the Case-Mate Slim Profile / Barely There for Apple iPhone 4 – chrome has been installed, the back of the iPhone gets completely protected except for the Apple logo which gets its very own cutout.
The top side of iPhone 4 is completely opened providing full access to the sleep/wake button, SIM Card tray and headset connection. The iPhone 4 Case itself is light weight plastic feeling with its own glossy, mirrored coating. It is esentially a snap on back cover cell phone case that installs quite easily on the iPhone 4.

Once you have installed the iPhone 4 Case, your iPhone is turned into a sparkling and shiny chrome beauty. The best part is Case-Mate has taken special care about the design of Case-Mate Slim Profile / Barely There iPhone 4 Case, so the mobile case does not affect the signal of your iPhone 4.