Bluetooth Headset – Jabra GO 6470

The Jabra GO 6470 Bluetooth Headset is businessmen and other people who are often on the go, and yet still need Bluetooth solutions. However, probably the most notable difference is that this Bluetooth Headset ships with a dock that gives you touch screen control over the device making both customization and call management simpler.

iPad 3 Accessories

Jabra Go 6470 – Bluetooth Headset

The package includes various parts: Bluetooth Headset, the base station with a touchscreen, a mini USB charging station and two power supplies (there is one for the mini charger and one base station). There is also an appealing ear hook, and business-style holder for headsets. Also included is a USB cable for hooking up the dock to your PC or laptop and a phone lead for hooking it up to your landline telephone. All of these features make the Jabra Go Bluetooth Headsets perfect iPad 3 accessories, offering greater convenience and portability.