BlackBerry Considers Launching an Android Smartphone

Once upon a time when smartphones were a rare and mysterious occurrence, BlackBerry was a god amongst mere mortals. Mortals being the other phones. The not so smart ones. Over the years, however, BlackBerry lost the highest and the brightest spot in the mobile phone world and kept tumbling down as some other giants by the name of Apple, Samsung and LG rose to power. Fast forward to the present day and this little tiny bit of potentially exciting news which has revealed that, apparently, BlackBerry might welcome Google’s Android into its home. About time?

The BlackBerry Classic smartphone

BlackBerry Opens Its Gates to Android

Some will undoubtedly say that such an action is at least half a decade late, others will greet it with their arms wide open nonetheless. Although, the incorporation of an Android touchscreen could be seen as the acknowledgment that the BlackBerry revamping that took place recently has failed to win the world over and that it was time to ‘sell out’ and admit defeat.

Android robot

Still, a BlackBerry device going down the Android path could win back some of the old users that have since moved on to the greener pastures (inhabited by little bright green robots). Even more so with the recent report mentioning the possibility of a sliding keyboard.

Oh, How the Mighty…

Whether or not this leaked piece of news is genuine remains to be seen. On the one hand, the company maintains that it’s still very much committed to BlackBerry 10. On the other hand, the fact that the Great and Powerful BlackBerry, which once presided over the entire smartphone kingdom, now has a market share of less than 1 percent could indeed indicate that this as yet unconfirmed news might not be just a rumor, after all.