Blackberry HS-700 Bluetooth Headset

BlackBerry has lately launched three innovative Bluetooth Headsets. The BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset HS-700 is a high-quality and interesting device. The HS-700 design seems just like a Blackberry cell phone. There is black leather with a silver rim, and you will just love it. It is not the best looking Bluetooth Headset out there, however it is straightforward, simple and easy to use. The HS-700 swiftly hooks up with BlackBerry mobile devices.

Interestingly enough, in order to turn the Bluetooth Headset on, you will need to swivel the earpiece 90 degrees. There is a welcoming message and a message you hear when you pair with one of your devices.

Headset Bluetooth

Bluetooth Headset by BlackBerry

There are not any buttons or keys on the HS-700, except the main one. This button is used to activate voice commands. What can you do? You can make and take calls, by simple saying ‘answer’ or ‘ignore’, etc. Most importantly, the Bluetooth Headset sets the volume of your calls, depending on the noise from the surroundings.