Attractive Price For Leather Galaxy S3 Cover On MyTrendyPhone

You are looking for a luxurious leather cover for Galaxy S3 but the price is still something that makes you withdraw? Not this time. MyTrendyPhone has a special offer that will please your sophisticated taste and wallet as well.

Galaxy S3 leather cover by Kalaideng

Kalaideng Galaxy S3 Leather Cover

Kalaideng Flip cover is hand made from high quality leather and it guarantees complete protection of your smartphone. Your Galaxy S3 will be safe inside this cover and perfectly protected from scratches, bumps and other factors.The cover has secure magnetic closure so you will never have to worry that your phone might fall out from it. Being very thin and light, the Kalaideng Galaxy S3 cover doesn’t add much weight to your device while inserting and removing of the phone is rather quick and easy. But there will be no need for you to remove your Samsung smartphone from this beautiful leather case since it has all the openings for vital functions such as buttons, ports and other controls, allowing you free access to them all. Another additional features are two small slots inside the cover, suitable for business or credit cards, and another bigger pocket for receipts, and other paper documents. There is also a detachable strap for those who prefer carrying their phones this way.

Leather Cover For Galaxy S3 by Kalaldeng

Kalaldeng Leather Cover For Galaxy S3 – interior

You can have this premium brown leather Kalaideng Flip Galaxy S3 cover for 12,80 euros and if you are interested for some more covers and cases for Galaxy S3, check out for other sale offers on MyTrendyPhone.