Apple Watch Home Screen Now Available for Android Wear

Last week, Apple introduced its first wearable device called the Apple Watch, that comes with a unique home screen and the company’s own OS. The good news is that if you really like how this home screen looks like, but you’ve already bought an Android wearable, you can recreate the design of Apple’s home screen on your Android device.

Android Wear Pear Watchface

Namely, your Android watch will look exactly like the Apple Watch, with round icons, but the only drawback is that only the watchface will change. This means that you can’t tap on the icons to launch apps, or use them for anything else. This is the so-called Pear watchface, and can be applied to your Android smartwatch through an app called WearFaces, which you can download from the Google Play Store.

So, if you’d like to get this design on your smartwatch, downloaded the app, then head over here to get the actual watchface.