Appealing Bluetooth Headset – Samsung HM1800

Elegance, style and best performance – Samsung HM1800 Bluetooth Headset

The Samsung HM1800 is a low-cost Bluetooth headset for beginners and professionals who need a tiny, and yet very functional hands-free device. The HM1800 mono has a number of interesting features, incorporating enhanced audio sound technology that removes irritating sound from the background, such as noise or echoes. It features voice notifications that let you know the battery status. What’s more, you are allowed to hook up two Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time, a very practical option especially if you utilize two headsets simultaneously, one for business and one for private calls. The Samsung HM1800 Bluetooth headset makes sure you hook it up with your device in an instant without utilizing a PIN security.

Samsung Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset – HM1800 from Samsung

Main Features:

* Noise and echo reduction: The HM1800 delivers high quality sound despite the environment, thanks to the Sound Alive enhanced stereo sound technology. Take and make calls easily in any surrounding.

* Active Pairing: the HM1800 supports self-regulating connection with a Bluetooth device. All you need to do is to turn the Samsung headset, and it instantly starts seeking and connecting with the nearest device hassle-free!

* Well-packed design: Lightweight, practical and enhanced Bluetooth headset made for long conversations, without affecting wearing comfort.

The package includes:

  • Wireless Headset

  • 2 ear hooks

  • 3x different earbuds

  • Universal charger microUSB

    HM1800 Bluetooth Headset mono

    Samsung HM1800 - Bluetooth Headset

Owners of low-cost Samsung Bluetooth devices are satisfied with their products. The HM1800 Bluetooth Headset from Samsung is an excellent solution for all who seek a tiny, elegant and handy mono Bluetooth Headset.