App That Uncovers Your Hidden Talents

Skills can be acquired throughout life, but special talents are either present or, well, they’re not. Imagine if there was an application that could tell you just what kind of hidden potential you possess. Oh, wait. There already is one. The iOS-based app called Thinking Talents helps you discover what makes you so extraordinary. Is it your love of knowledge and constant learning? Do you rely solely on analytic and critical thinking? Are you meant to be the next big visionary? This particular app’s sole purpose is to shed light on your unique set of innate abilities and in which field you might implement them. Still skeptical? Here’s how the whole thing works.

The iOS Thinking Talents Application

Learn What Makes You Special With This App

The Thinking Talents application asks you 35 questions about your character and, based on whether or not a particular talent applies to you, you answer “Always”, “Sometimes” or “Never.” The goal is to select between 5 and 8 “Always” examples that:

  • animate you;
  • you’ve been doing your entire life;
  • you can’t help but do anyway.

If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

The Thinking Talents application results

When you’re done, your answers will be analyzed so you can receive your very own report that explains how those talents combine to make you — you. Based on your final score and whether you’re more analytic, innovative, procedural or relational, Thinking Talents suggests how you can use that potential to your advantage, what challenges you might come across at work and how you can learn to overcome them. A recent update even allows you to compare your results to your friends’ and colleagues’ and discover if you would, perhaps, form a dream team.

In the end just remember: keeping tabs of your strengths will not only boost your confidence, but it will also help you progress more smoothly down your career path!