Android Wear Hacked to Work with the iPhone 6

Android Wear works only with Android phones, right? Usually yes, but developer MohammadAG has managed to make it work with Apple’s iPhone.

Android Wear Hack

MohammadAG posted a video of a Motorola Moto 360 working with an iPhone, and the smartwatch receiving notifications from Apple’s phone. So how did he do it?

No Need to Jailbreak Your iPhone

The connection between these two devices is achieved with the help of the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) APIs, built into iOS 7 and later versions. This allows the phone to connect to other devices via Bluetooth, in order to push notifications. So, all MohammadAG did was install an app on his iPhone 6, and everything else fell into its place.

While this won’t send iPhone users on an Android Wear shopping spree, it will definitely come in handy for some of them.