A Study Shows How Age Affects Your Social Network of Choice

According to a new survey by ComScore (an analytics company), the social network you use the most can reveal your age. 71% of Snapchat users in the US are aged between 18 and 34 years old, and only 38% of Facebook and 41% of Twitter users belong to the same age group.

Social Networks Study

So who uses Facebook the most nowadays? The study reveals, people aged 65 and older. However, Facebook still remains the dominant social network across all ages, with 81% of users in the United States.

Which other social networks do users between 18 and 34 use? Mostly Vine, Tumblr, and Instagram, while older people turn more towards Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. ComScore also measured the time spent withing an app, and Instagram was way ahead of the rest of the competition.

The report also covers other interesting facts: National Geographic was ranked the #1 social brand of 2014, mostly because of photos of baby animals in the wild, while MySpace pulled in 40 million visits in 2014 after focusing on music and videos.