Project Morpheus 85% Complete

As the Wall Street Journal finds out, Sony’s Project Morpheus that’s currently under development is roughly 85% complete. The Project Morpheus was unveiled at the GDC 2014 (Game Developers Conference) back in March, and now the SCE Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida, has revealed this piece of info to the WSJ. Sony’s been working on […]

Universal Protection: Rhombus Wallet Leather Case

No matter which phone you own, it is probably precious to you, and you’d like to keep it as safe as possible, as long as possible. Thankfully, there’s a large number of protective cases and covers on the market that should help you out. Today, we’ll show you a great-looking universal case that both protects […]

iOS 8: Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

iOS 8 is the most recent and probably Apple’s biggest software release so far, that is going to become officially available for Apple devices today. If you haven’t been patient, and have already installed the unofficial version, then you’ve already seen that iOS 8 comes with a lot of interesting and much needed improvements, tweaks and upgrades. […]