iPega Multifunctional Dual Audio Dock

This week, MyTrendyPhone presents a great desktop charger with speaker amplifiers – the iPega Multifunctional Dual Audio Dock. The iPega Dock features a sleek, elegant design and you can place it on any flat surface in your house. It’s multifunctional, which means that you get to use it as a dock charger, a stand holder, […]

MyTask: A Multifunctional iPhone 5/5s Case

Sure, you can surf the Internet, text, make calls, take great photos etc. with your iPhone, but can you open a bottle, repair your bike or write with it? That’s what we thought. However, here’s an innovative accessory that packs all of this and protects your smartphone, too – the myTask case. The myTask has […]

Customize Books on Your iPad

Reading books on mobile phones, tablets and other device has become more popular than reading actual books in the past couple of years. In the iBooks app, you can read any book that you want by simply flicking between the pages with your fingers. However, to make your reading experience even more comfortable, there are […]

HTC Releases the One (M8)

Today at 4 PM (London time), HTC unveiled its much awaited flagship, the HTC One (M8). At the beginning of the panel, the CEO of HTC, Peter Chou, explained how the HTC One is one of the best-selling phones in the history of HTC smartphones and the only phone with a metal body, which you’d […]