Locate Your iPhone Via iCloud

iCloud has a feature called Find My Phone that can really come in handy if you lose your iPhone or someone steals it. Locating literally takes minutes, however, you need to enable this feature beforehand in order for it to work. Make sure iCloud is enabled on your iPhone and that you are signed in […]

Wearable Tech at CES: Bluetooth Jewelry

A UK tech firm CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) revealed a new line of Bluetooth smart jewelry at CES 2014. The pendant-style necklaces are powered by Bluetooth and work in both Android and iOS 7. The jewelry supports a “range of functions”, according to CSR, such as alerting users when a notification pops up on their smartphone via […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Games Edition Revealed

Samsung launched an Olympics version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, in honor of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. No changes have been made to the phablet’s specs and in terms of design, only the official logo of the Olympic Games has been added to it. Furthermore, Samsung will present this official […]