Cygnett Groove Platinum Headset

With Groove Platinum Headset by Cygnett you can listen to your favourite tunes in high-quality audio sound. The well-packed earphones have a cosy, light construction and feature excellent performance. Most importantly, they provide dynamic sound with high-grade bass. An integrated microphone is very handy for taking and making calls hands-free, and delivers crystal clear sound. […]

Waterproof iPad 2 & iPad 3 Cases

For all who would like to ultimately protect their tablet computer from all kinds of damage including squirt and water, there is a solution that might just be perfect for you. A waterproof iPad 2 case/ iPad 3 case will help you use your favourite device even under extreme conditions. There are varied versions of […]

Belkin Essential 031 TPU iPhone 4S Cover!

The Essential iPhone 4S cover is made by Belkin, one of the leading iPhone 4S accessories manufacturer. The cover delivers optimal protection for your smartphone, without compromising design or performance. Due to its form-fitting measures, it does not an any additional bulk. The cover for iPhone 4S comes in 12 dissimilar styles and various colour […]

Puro TPU iPhone 4 /4S Cover – Skull

The TPU by Puro is a custom-fitting iPhone 4 /iPhone 4S cover that protects your cell phone from damage. As its name says, this cover is made from shock-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane materials. It is very easy to attach and remove it when necessary. Since there are custom cut-outs on the cover for iPhone 4 /4S, […]

Bubble Protective iPad 2 / iPad 3 Cases!

In order to stand out from the crowd, manufacturers of iPad 2 /iPad 3 cases need to offer pioneering solutions. In terms of protection, companies like Cygnett and Tuff-Luv have definitely managed to come up with something new, a bubble protective iPad 2 / iPad 3 Case. Not only does this case /cover offer optimal […]