Pure-Gear PX360 Extreme WaterProof iPhone 4 /iPhone 4S Case

If you are a sports fan, and especially like extreme sports, then you probably know that when you go on mountain biking, for instance, you should let others know your itinerary, just in case you are in an emergency and you cannot reach any help. Even though this is not an invincible protective piece of […]

Portable Duet Speaker System – JBL Harman Kardon

There are many JBL products we have already mentioned in our reviews. In most cases, words we used to describe them were very nice, beautiful and even impressive. JBL Duet Speaker System Harman Kadon is no different. You will like the advanced design of these latest speakers from the manufacturer. The portable speaker system is […]

iPad 2 /iPad 3 Cover – Ion-factory Carbonado – Black & White

Designers from Ion-factory have surprised us pleasantly many times with their innovative cases and covers for iPad 3 /iPad 2, as well as for iPhone 4 /4S. Their protective iPad 3 accessories are becoming more an more popular by the day. This is because the manufacturer designs and makes really beautiful and more importantly high-quality […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Latest News

Samsung has pleasantly surprised us once again. This time they came up with a scrambled idea. Literally! “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx”. Paying more attention, you will see that this is an anagram you should sort in the correct order. Try playing with it and see if you will manage to resolve this galactic mystery. When you manage […]

Beyzacases Stylish Leather iPad 2 / iPad 3 Cases

Beyzacases is an iPad Accessories manufacturer which is becoming more popular by the day. The company makes custom iPad 2 and iPad 3 cases, that fit the tablets snugly. What’s more, your new iPad will be fully protected within the case, and it will look more beautiful. Beyzacases Thinvelope Leather Case for iPad 2 /iPad […]